What is Catalyst University?

The higher learning institute of Catalyst Church to train and equip leaders. 

Who can attend?

For anyone hungry to learn.

Minimum age is a senior in high school. 

What courses are offered?


Spiritual Disciplines

Team Leadership

Biblical Counseling

Spiritual Leadership 

(see course descriptions below)

When is the next course?



What can I expect?


Catalyst University courses all involve a textbook along with reading and writing assignements. When you get your CU student ID card, you'll really feel like you are enrolled in college. 



Great friendships are forged in the CU class environment. Each course offers unique ways for students to get to know each other in and out of class time. 


Each course includes informative and practical teaching to effectively prepare you for leadership. Instruction and feedback directly from CATALYST CHURCH pastors will prepare you for new levels of ministry and leadership.


"I loved spending quality time with my pastors

and being able to use what I learned immediately in real life."

-a Catalyst University student

Course Descriptions

Homiletics: The Art of Public Speaking

Communication is an art and skill that must be practiced in order to be learned. With the proper perspective, instruction and tools, public speaking is a powerful method of proclaiming God’s truth. In addition to church ministry, public speaking has benefits in almost every area of life, work and study. Expect to learn and practice the verbal and non-verbal elements of public speaking in this course. 

Spiritual Disciplines

This course constitutes a study, discussion and practice of spiritual disciplines including but not limited to worship, prayer, Bible study, fasting and journaling. This course is designed to help students discover and, most importantly, practice disciplines that are essential in their discipleship experience with Jesus Christ.

The world values intelligence and experience and talent. Spiritual disciplines promote depth and focus. Your ability and willingness to regularly practice spiritual disciplines will largely determine the depth and focus of your leadership, influence and your overall relationship with Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leaders are not born they are called, molded and refined by God. This course is an exploration of the dynamics of spiritual leadership, including topics like preparation, vision, pitfalls and rewards of being a spiritual leader. Practical topics also include vision casting, decision making and time management. 


Biblical Counseling

This course is designed to teach how God changes hearts and lives as well as how you can be instruments of change in His redemptive hands.The Biblical principles that are the foundation of this course can bring lasting growth and change to people’s lives if they are implemented faithfully.  Students will be presented with a Christ-centered view of personal transformation quite different from secular models. With a Biblical worldview for counseling, you will have the ability to help and influence others in your family, in your ministry, in your church and your community.

Team Leadership

This course is designed to help students discover and practice principles that are essential to forming, building and working with high-performing teams.

Teams are all around us, at home, at work, at play and at church. When we become better team members and team leaders then everyone wins. Team Leadership will provide time in class for students to work together in teams to complete a project together and do a project presentation at the end of the course.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Catalyst University?

Anyone who is hungry to learn. The minimum age is seniors in high school.

When are courses offered?

Catalyst University courses are offered twice a year, generally starting in late spring and early summer. 

What's the class format and how many weeks are the courses?

Classes are usually on Monday's for 1.5 hours. Courses are six to seven weeks long.


Is there a cost?

Yes, there is a minimal tuition fee for each course to cover the textbook and materials. Tuition fees can be paid online or at the first week of the course in person. 

What kind of courses does Catalyst University offer?

Catalyst University offers a five-course certificate program. The five courses are: 1) Homiletics (Public Speaking), 2) Spiritual Disciplines, 3) Spiritual Leadership, 4) Biblical Counseling and 5) Team Leadership.

Will I have to do homework?

Yes. Every course involves some kind of reading and writing assignments. In addition to attending class, students should allow an additional 1-2 hours a week of time for reading and/or writing.

What happens when I finish all the courses?

When you complete the five-course certificate program you will be awarded a certificate and you can expect to be ready for new levels of ministry and leadership in all areas of life.

What happens if I miss a class or I am late?

Students are allowed to miss only one class per course. If you miss two classes then you will not pass the class. Three tardies is equal to one absence.

Is childcare available?

No childcare offered for Catalyst University courses.  

What if I have more questions?

Email us at catalystuniversity@ignitephx.com