What is ROOTED?

ROOTED is a community experience, where people discuss & practice the Christian life together in order to connect with God, the church and your purpose. 


When is ROOTED?

June 1 - August 10

6:00pm - 8:00pm



Because community and experience are the key elements of ROOTED. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or are new to faith in Christ, ROOTED will have a bigger impact on your spiritual growth than anything else you do this year.


What can I expect at ROOTED?


You will be surprised what happens when your group gathers and begins to honestly share. What God is doing in the group soon becomes the curriculum as the Holy Spirit moves people to open up and share stories and life. This is where transformation happens.



ROOTED is a significant commitment. We want to be up-front about that, but anything worth doing involves commitment. During the 10-week experience, you will go through various individual exercises (daily Bible reading, journaling, and prayer) and then meet weekly in your groups to talk about what you have learned.


Research has proven that one of the most powerful ways we retain information is through experience. Through an experiential model, ROOTED teaches people what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. ROOTED includes a prayer, serving and celebration experience. 



Beyond a program, seminar, or small group, Rooted is a catalyst for life change. Rooted provokes questions, conversations, and beyond-what-is-comfortable group experiences that are designed to help you find yourself in God's story.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is ROOTED?

Rooted is an 10 week discipleship experience that connects people to God, the church and your purpose through group discussions, a prayer experience, a serving experience, and an amazing celebration.

Rooted is the next chapter of your faith story. Our goal for this experience is for you to deepen your connection with God, His church, and your purpose in the epic story He is writing through human history. You will begin to see God in new ways and hear His voice in surprising places. In a world that can be fragmented, isolated, and empty, Rooted allows you to experience a different way of life.

Who is ROOTED for?

ROOTED is for adults and high school seniors. Whether you're married or single, new to the faith or been a Christian for years, ROOTED is for you. If you are married, we strongly encourage you to participate in ROOTED as a couple.

What will my ROOTED group look like?

ROOTED groups are between 12-15 people who all want to connect more with God, their church and their purpose. The group grows together as they share their faith stories, engage in meaningful discussion and participate in prayer and serving experiences. Each ROOTED group is led by a leader in the church.

Will we be meeting in person?


Can I miss any weeks? 

In order to get the most out of ROOTED, we ask that participants do not miss more than 2 weeks.

Each week is unique and builds on each other, so when participants miss a week, they miss a lot! The group also suffers when participants are not there. If you know you will not be able to attend at least 9 of the weeks, we ask you wait until the next ROOTED experience launches to sign up. 

What is the cost?

$25 per individual. This will cover cost of your book and materials.

Can I help pay for someone? 

Yes. Simply register a second time under your name and instead of selecting standard registration select the "scholarship" option and pay a second time. That second payment will become a scholarship for another person.